Hi there!

Hello! I’m Liz Pittman. I’m: 


  • A full-time freelancer. I specialize in digital marketing and communications - social media strategy and management, content creation, social media training for companies and individuals, writing for online platforms, and podcast production.

  • An instructor at the University of Victoria. I teach Social Media Marketing, Digital Communication, Digital Storytelling, and Podcasting 101.

  • A storyteller. I have a background in broadcast journalism, and spent the first six years of my career working as a TV and radio reporter.

  • A lifelong learner. Not only do I love to teach my students, I adore picking up new skills for myself. That’s the thing with spending so much time online, if you’re not learning the latest platform or approach, you’re going to get left behind!


  • A big fan of new connections. Please reach out if you’d like to chat about social media strategy, writing, podcasting, training or teaching!

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