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How I've been using ChatGPT

Are you using artificial intelligence (AI) in your work? One amazing tool to explore is ChatGPT, an AI language model created by OpenAI. I've been using it a lot for the past six months, and it has helped me summarize, brainstorm, and simplify complicated information. ChatGPT has become really valuable to me as I make my creative processes more efficient.

Summarizing complex information

Sometimes, I have to deal with lots of information that needs to be explained simply. This is where ChatGPT's summarization feature is super helpful. When faced with technical or convoluted information (or what I call gobbledygook), I can rely on ChatGPT to break it down into digestible parts.

I can input a long article or document, and it gives me a summary that captures the most important points. This saves me time, so I can focus on other tasks, like using that information to create great written or social media content.

Brainstorming ideas

I usually work by myself, except for my dog, who isn't great at brainstorming with me. That's when ChatGPT becomes my creative buddy. When I feel stuck or need new ideas, I turn to ChatGPT for inspiration. I give it a prompt or a topic, and it generates a bunch of suggestions. These ideas often aren’t perfect, but they get my creativity flowing or help me overcome writer's block.

Simplifying complex concepts

For freelance writers or content creators like me, simply explaining complicated ideas is so important. When I come across highly technical information, I rely on ChatGPT to break it down. It helps me simplify difficult terms, explain complex ideas in easy language, and understand even the most complicated subjects. When I know something well, I can write in a way that connects with readers.

However, AI isn't everything

While AI has made significant strides in natural language processing and generation, humans will always have the advantage in writing. Robots can’t capture the subtleties of joy, sadness, or anger. Our ability to understand and convey complex feelings, cultural nuances, and subtle undertones allows us to create narratives that resonate deeply with readers. While AI may excel in generating coherent and grammatically correct text, the human touch, with its emotional depth and nuanced understanding, will always make us better writers.


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