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Consistency is cool: Make your social media pop with a unified look

There are so many brands online. It can be tough to grab (and keep!) attention. 

Having a consistent look across all your social media is so important. It helps people recognize your brand, trust you more, and engage with your content.

Building brand recognition

Think of big brands like Coca-Cola or Nike. You recognize their ads instantly because they use the same colours, fonts, and logos everywhere. This consistency makes their brands memorable. Even if you’re a small business, using consistent visuals helps people remember you and recognize your posts.

Fostering trust and credibility

When your social media looks professional and put-together, people are more likely to trust you. A brand that constantly changes its look can seem… unreliable. People don’t like change! When your visuals are consistent, it shows you care about your brand and your audience, which builds trust.

Liz has long, wavy blonde hair and black-rimmed glasses. She stands confidently in front of a brick building with vintage lamps. She wears a stylish checkered blazer over a black top. The setting is an urban area with historical and modern elements. The number "26" is visible on the building behind her.

Enhancing social media engagement

Think about how many posts you scroll by in a day. Consistent, appealing visuals make people stop and look at your content. They feel familiar and connected to your brand. When they have this familiarity, you are more likely to be rewarded with engagement. Plus, a consistent style helps tell your brand’s story, making it easier for people to connect with your values and mission.

Streamlining content creation

Having a set style for your visuals makes creating content quicker and easier. When you have guidelines for colours, fonts, and image styles, you (or if you have a team!) know exactly what to do. This means you can create content faster and ensure everything looks on-brand.

Practical steps to achieve visual consistency

  1. Develop a brand style guide: Create a guide that includes your colours, fonts, logo usage, and photography style. 

  2. Use consistent filters and editing styles: If you post a lot of photos, use the same filters or editing styles. This keeps your feed looking cohesive, especially on platforms like Instagram.

  3. Try templates: Design templates for common posts like quotes or announcements. Templates save precious time and keep your posts consistent.

  4. Coordinate across platforms: Make sure your visuals are consistent on all social media channels, from Facebook to LinkedIn.

  5. Regularly review and update: Check your social media profiles often to make sure they match your style guide. Update your visuals as your brand evolves.

Visual consistency isn’t just about looking good… it’s about chipping away at building lasting relationships with your audience.


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