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A tribute to social media managers

Social media managers are extremely valuable to the success of brands. Yet, despite the critical importance of their work, it's common for their efforts to be underestimated or dismissed. 

This blog post is a reminder to all social media managers: Your job is not just important; it is fundamental to the long-term success of the business you’re working for. 

Your skill, expertise, dedication… it all has immense value.

Social media managers write in a voice that speaks to hundreds, if not thousands, or even millions. They create content using a personality that resonates with audiences and deliver valuable messages that engage and inspire.

This isn't just a matter of posting updates or responding to comments; it's about strategically building and maintaining a brand's reputation. 

It’s 2024. A single tweet can go viral like *snaps fingers* that, and shape public perception. The role of a social media manager is both powerful and indispensable.

The value of this role isn’t always recognized. Some may view it as 'playing on the internet' or ‘something my neighbour’s kid could do for us,’ but this couldn't be further from the truth. Social media management is a multifaceted discipline that requires a unique blend of creativity, analytical skills, strategic thinking, and an in-depth understanding of the brand and its audience. It's about knowing when to speak (and when not to speak!), what to say, and listening and responding in real time. The ability to juggle these responsibilities, often in high-pressure situations, deserves more kudos than social media managers typically receive.

The impact of a social media manager extends far beyond likes, shares, and comments. They play a key role in driving engagement, building brand loyalty, and, ultimately, influencing customer behaviour. Through carefully curated content and thoughtful interaction, social media managers can grow a community around a brand, creating an environment where meaningful (and long-lasting) connections are made. 

Social media managers are often the brand's first line of defence during a crisis. They monitor online conversations, identify potential issues, and manage crises in ways that can save a brand's reputation. Their ability to act swiftly and strategically in such situations is a testament to their critical role within any organization.

To every social media manager reading this: Never let anyone diminish the importance of your work. Your expertise is not just valuable. It is vital. 

Take pride in your work, for you are the unsung heroes of many brands today. 


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