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Behind the scenes of a social media freelancer: A day in my (work) life

I *love* all kinds of day-in-the-life content. If someone shares their morning routine or publishes a video featuring time stamps of their day... I'm in, always.

If you have ever wondered what a typical day looks like for someone like me (a communication and social media freelancer), picture this: a whirlwind of writing, juggling social media, grading assignments, and prepping for classes, all in a day's work! Let me take you on a journey behind the scenes of a typical day.

Liz, wearing a light purple shirt and leather pants, sits on the back of a brown couch, leaning against a dark green wall.

Each day is different, but here’s a general sense of what might happen:

9:00 AM - Social media content creation

I am a morning person, so I typically kick off my days with creative work. A lot of the time that means social media content creation. Engaging posts, eye-catching visuals, and compelling captions are all part of the game. I bring ideas to life, ensuring followers of my clients’ accounts stay hooked and inspired. It's not just about posting. It's about creating a story that resonates with the different audiences I’m writing for.

10:00 AM - Finishing touches on a blog post

With the social media posts scheduled, it's time to shift gears and focus on long-form writing. I add the finishing touches to a blog post I’ve been working on – editing sentences for flow, checking my word count, and considering the audience and what they need from the piece. Occasionally, clients will send me content that is already written, and I will edit it or validate it against their brand guidelines, so I might be doing some of that during this time as well.

11:00 AM - Mark assignments

Transitioning from my creative brain to the more analytical one, I dig into grading assignments from my Social Media Marketing and Digital Communication classes. It's a responsibility that comes with its own challenges – balancing constructive feedback with encouragement and guiding students toward improvement.

1:00 PM - Prep for my next class

Now it's time to gear up for the next time I see my students. Preparation is key – from creating engaging presentations to structuring the lecture in a way that captivates the audience, whether I’m teaching online or face-to-face. Anticipating questions, preparing answers, and envisioning interactive activities, I ensure that every moment of the class is meaningful.

2:00 PM - Write an email newsletter for a client

I switch gears once more and start crafting an email newsletter for a client. It's not just about drafting words; it's about understanding the client’s brand and weaving a narrative that resonates with their audience. The goal is to create an email that informs and inspires, fostering a sense of connection and loyalty.

3:30 PM - Tomorrow’s task list

As the day begins to wind down, I take a moment to prepare for what lies ahead. I love a to-do list. I typically have a master list for the week that I draw from for my daily tasks. On that list, I might have project meetings, social media training sessions to prepare and deliver, a podcast script to review, or a social media strategy to complete.

Do you have digital marketing or communication needs that I might add to my daily work? Let's talk!


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